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Top Tips On What To Wear For Your Portrait Session

Trying to decide what to wear for your family portrait session is one of the things our clients tell us that they worry about so we decided to help.

First of all...don't stress! You can always message us to ask any questions that you may have as we are always happy to help. We have put together these top tips to help you decide on your clothing options for your portrait session with us.

We have a beautiful collection of gowns and outfits for you to choose from for your children, as well as a few options for mum too. These outfits tend to be for children under two years old although we do have a few beautiful Monsoon gowns for older girls.

If you have a Newborn Portrait Session booked with us and would like to include big brothers or sisters in the session, we have a few suggestions on what will colours and styles photograph well. Avoid any tops or outfits with characters from tv or films on. They may well adore Peppa Pig at the moment but give it a year or so and they will grow out of it. That will date your portraits in years to come. Also avoid busy patterns, very bright colours or clothing with big brand names or logos on. This is because they will distract your eye away for the stars of your portraits...your children.

Plain colours in pastels and neutrals and denims all photograph really well and help the portraits to have a beautiful timeless look. Here are just a couple of style examples for both boys and girls. These are all found on the high street at stores like Zara and H&M.

Sibling Style Ideas for Portraits

Now when it comes to family portraits...we know how hard it is just to convince dads to come and have family portraits in the first place. Add to that the fact that we are now suggesting what he should and shouldn't wear...we get that it might feel a bit stressful. Don't worry, it's not as scary as you think. Most people have a pair of jeans or plain trousers and a plain shirt or t-shirt. Just avoid strips or cheques and big brand names or logos on tops.

Dad style guide

Pastel colours, neutrals and denims also work really well for mums outfit too. If you feel like choosing coordinating colours, that's great but you don't have to. By sticking to this colour range means that they will all go nicely together. If dad is wearing a formal shirt them maybe mum could team it with a dress. Or if you are all after a more casual look, you could do the denims and t-shirts look?

Mum style guide

We have a few gowns for our clients to choose from, especially if you are having a Mummy & Me Session with us. Newborn babies love skin to skin and we have beautiful fabrics that we can use to cover you while you enjoy this time with your baby. We also have gowns that are lovely for breastfeeding portraits. We just suggest wearing light or neutral underwear so that is doesn't show through the soft fabrics. Oh and don't worry about shoes! We remove shoes on our portraits sessions so just avoid bright yellow sponge Bob socks! ;-)

Family portrait style guide

The main thing to remember is not to stress or panic. We have had years and years of experience creating timeless portraits for our clients and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have booked a session for a group of children...just have a chat about outfit choices to avoid any clashes and feel free to pass on this blog post to any other parents planning their children's outfits. x

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