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There's Magic in the Air

When we get a call from clients expecting their 1st baby, it's always exciting to plan how we can capture this exciting new addition to their family. When our clients ask for something a little bit different...we get excited about using our creative skills and help bring their ideas to life.

So when we were asked if we could create Newborn Portraits with a Harry Potter theme.....we jumped at the chance.

Harry Potter Baby Photography

Baby Lincoln's mummy and daddy are massive Harry Potter fans and even had a Harry Potter themed wedding. They told us they are a Hufflepuff House so we did our research and had a beautiful newborn scalf knitted in Hufflepuff colours.

Now I have asked my mum to make some random things over the years but even she laughed when I asked if she could crochet a newborn sized Sorting Hat! ha ha!

But as usual she worked her magic and we were so excited to use her creations as she also made a beautiful felt owl and handmade wool wand.

Newborn Harry Potter Photography

There certainly was magic in the air on Lincoln's newborn session because he was an absolute dream and posed like a movie star for us. Just look at how adorable he looks.

His mummy and daddy bought along some of their own props and hats to personalise elements of his newborn portraits and we all had a great time coming up with ideas.

So if you are a big fan of something or would like to add an theme to some of your portraits, we always love to hear your ideas. It's fair to say that we have already sorted props and outfits for any Harry Potter fans that would like a themed cake smash! Can't wait to celebrate Lincoln's 1st Birthday in style next year! ;-)

Harry Potter themed Cake Smash

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