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Our Clients Deserve The Best!

Our clients deserve the best and that includes the best of us. Continued Professional Development through training is very important to me and something we invest a lot of time and energy into. I regularly take part in lighting workshops and mentoring sessions to experiment, learn and develop my skills so that our work is creative, unique and fresh.

Even after 14 years working as a full time professional photographer, I still don't claim to know everything there is to know and always want to improve and offer my clients new and exciting ideas and techniques. When it comes to Newborn Baby Photography I feel it is so important to be up to date with all the safety training as my clients trust me with the most precious thing in their lives. I have previously trained with The Baby Whisperer Academy and also take part in a 1:1 training day to learn from the best and to try out a few new techniques.

It's also not just newborns that I train with. I love to experiment with lighting patterns and am lucky enough to be able to learn from the best. Damian McGillicuddy is the first photographer to be awarded a Double Masters with the Societies of Photographers and is one of only 3 individuals in the world to be honoured with the prestigious title of ‘Grand Master’ Photographer. I am incredibly proud to call him my photography mentor and I'm lucky enough to work with him regularly to learn and practice.

We have great fun with setting scenes, building light patterns and even playing with gels and smoke machines. It's a bit different from my studio work but the principles are the same and it gives me the chance to experiment and have ideas that I may use in my future work.

I very rarely post about what I get up to outside of the studio so I wanted to write this blog post to share with my clients something that I am personally proud of and hope that you all enjoy seeing something a little bit different. If any of this has interested you and you would like to ask me more about it, please feel free.

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