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Please Don't Worry That Your Baby Will Be Too Old

I know that there are lots of things to worry about during this current Corona Virus Lockdown but we want our clients to know that your baby's Portrait Session with us shouldn't be one of them.

Our studio is currently closed as we help to keep everyone safe and try to prevent the spread and protect our NHS. This does mean that we are having to reschedule many of our portrait sessions to a time when we are safe to do so. But this lockdown doesn't stop babies being born as we all know, they arrive into the world when they are ready. So many of you are asking if your baby will miss out on having the sleepy Newborn Portraits that you all love.

My answer to this is to please don't worry. I have been photographing babies of all ages for over 16 years and are very experienced in capturing all ages and milestones. Every baby is unique and so is your portrait session with us. It is also possible to create beautiful sleepy newborn style portraits with babies right up to 16 weeks. It just takes a bit more planning and patience.

sleeping baby 12 weeks old
Lockdown older baby portraits

As with all our baby portrait sessions, we want them to be fun, relaxing and stress free. I have put together a few tips to help us create the sleepy newborn portraits with older babies.

As with newborn babies, they tend to sleep well with a full tummy so it's worth bringing milk or breastfeeding at the beginning of the session. Try to time the session around naps times as you might have a better idea of when these will be as you baby gets older. The main thing is to just relax and enjoy your time at the studio. Leave the hard work to us and don't put too much pressure on your baby to perform. After all these years we have seen everything so just sit back, enjoy a warm drink and trust us to capture your baby's first portraits for you.

Different stages in your baby's 1st year, have different milestones that we love to capture for you. That might be 1st smiles, tummy time, holding feet or interacting with siblings. Whatever stage your baby is at when your session is rescheduled, we will chat to you to find out what you like and can help to style your portraits to suit your taste. You might also find that you are feeling more yourself later on as your baby is older so having some family or Mummy & Me portraits could be something you fancy during your session.

So please don't worry about your baby's portraits. This is such an usual time and we are all going through something that we have never experienced before. We will get through it together and

as soon as it is safe to do so...we will be right back at the studio for you and your family x

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