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Your Safety Is The Most Important Thing To Us! are you all doing? This is such a strange and worrying time for us all at the moment during this global health pandemic. Covid-19 has turned the world we know upside down and I think we are all doing brilliantly in coping with how our lives have changed. Whether you have been attempting to home school, welcomed a new baby into your family or have been trying to work from are all doing such a great job and should be proud of yourselves. I want to also thank so many of you who are key workers and have been working so hard to keep us safe, often making huge sacrifices to yourself and your families.

This week there have been a couple of changes to our lockdown in England and I just wanted to answer a few of questions you may have regarding our plans at the studio. We are following the government guidance and information very closely but every decision we make for our business is based on what is best for our clients health and safety. We wanted to make it very clear that despite the financial implications to our business...we refuse to risk anything that may harm anybody. Taking any portrait session whether it be at the studio or going to our clients homes or gardens, is not something that we feel it is safe to do yet. By doing these shoots we also feel that we would be disrespecting our health workers that have put their lives on the line to protect us. Despite what some in our industry feel, photo sessions are not essential work and I have been disappointed to see adverts for photo shoots after the prime ministers address on Sunday.

I would never forgive myself if any of my clients or children were to fall ill after participating in a portrait session with us.

You have all had to make so many sacrifices over the last 7 weeks. Grandparents haven't been able to meet the new additions to your families and birthdays haven't been able to be celebrated in the same way you would have liked. With this in mind, the last thing I would want to do is plan anything in my business that may contribute to a second peak and put us all back to square one with lockdown.

We are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that when it is safe to reopen our business, we will be able to provide a safe and hygienic experience for you all. I have been taking part in workshops and courses to learn the correct precautions related to Covid-19.

I have also been continuing to clean absolutely everything at the studio regularly while it has been closed. Hygiene and safety has always been our top priority anyway, especially on Newborn Sessions.

We all know that teething babies will put anything and everything in their mouths. For this reason we will not be offering outdoor Cake Smash Sessions. At the studio we can make sure everything is clean and sterilised and not risk your baby putting anything dirty or unsafe into their mouths. Regardless of how vigilantly you watch a baby outside, it's all too easy for them to pick up something that they shouldn't have or that may be a choking hazard. Your baby's 1st Birthday Session should be fun and enjoyable and we want to keep that safe experience for you at the studio, so you don't have to worry about these things.

If there is a time when it is safe to create family portrait sessions outside and this may be something we can plan for when that time is right. We don't believe that time is now and are not willing to take the gamble with your health and safety. We don't want to criticise the decisions of other photographers in our industry during this very difficult time for everybody. Many of us are self employed or free lancing so I know that decisions will not have been easy to make. We just wanted to update you all with our current position and help to answer any questions you may have.

We have kept a record of everybody who have had to postpone their session with us, to contact when we reopen. If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please message us.

Stay Safe, Take Care and we can't wait too see you all again. xx

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