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Exist in Photographs

I wanted to share a project with you that is close to my heart. Exist in Photographs is a project to encourage parents to be on more photographs with their children (whatever age they may be).

My own mother hates having her photograph taken and it makes me feel really sad that looking back at family albums, my mum is missing from years of happy memories. I know she was there and the rare photographs I can find of her with us are so precious. As an experiment I asked my friends to send me some photographs of them with their children and the answers I got from many of them just confirmed my suspicions. "I hate photos of me", "I'd rather take photos of just the kids because they are cuter than me" or "I'm always behind the camera". I did get sent some beautiful photographs and was honoured to hear the lovely stories that went with them. These feature in a video I have put together for this project.

Please feel free to watch and share this video to spread the word about how important it is to exist in photographs. My challenge to you all is to go and take a photograph with your children. It can be a selfie, a bit of fun! It doesn't have to be shared anywhere and doesn't matter how you look because this photograph is for your children nobody else has to see it. I will bet that your children will love it! x

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